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The Democratic Republic of the Congo faces problems of instability and permanent conflicts between local populations belonging to different tribes. This persistent conflict leads to extreme poverty of the population in conflict. These conflicts go beyond borders, accusing neighboring countries of aggressors. In truth, this situation is due to the poverty of the local population and the lack of employment for young people.

Our country, the DRC, is full of opportunities for entrepreneurship and free trade because it has 9 neighboring countries, not to mention its ability to cooperate with the world. Different local communities have different opportunities to undertake and exchange products locally and abroad instead of killing each other and remaining in misery.

Private property and the free market are therefore a way out of poverty for a situation of prosperity and peace for the DRC. The population and especially the youth must turn their backs on political manipulation in the service of selfish interests by working together at the local level and carrying out exchanges with the outside in order to accumulate the rich. This is the way out of a crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in particular in the east of the country. It is for this reason that this Think Tank was created under the impetus of Mr. GIKUNDIRO MUTWARE Albert in order to propose solutions in the fields of public policy, economy, governance and peace.



"Let's change together"


Promoting private ownership, entrepreneurship, governance and the free market as a path to sustainable prosperity and peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Our vision is the Democratic Republic of Congo free, stable, prosperous, rule of law and open to the world.


Lasting peace, private property rights, rule of law, ending the war on drugs, and a free market.


It is constituted, in accordance with the law No. 004/2001 of July 20, 2001, a structure with the name “Action for Peace and Liberty – APL” (hereinafter referred to as “APL-DRC THINK TANK”)

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Action for Peace and Liberty is an independent Think Tank aiming to produce studies, develop proposals and disseminate solutions in the field of public policy, economy and governance, for economic progress, prosperity and lasting peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the Great Lakes Region and Africa.The Think Tank APL-DRC places social values ​​and man in his diversity at the center of his thinking. Its purpose is to make proposals, produce expertise, animate public debate, participate in the conceptualization of progressive and humanist ideas and develop methods in all areas of public policy, economics or private initiatives.


A think tank or structure under private law, independent of the State or of any other power, non-profit whose main activity is to produce studies.



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